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The truffle is still little known in Sicily and one of our goals and spread his Conscenza the territory over which to impose our brand 'Truffle Siciliano' in the world market. This gives the opportunity both to farmers that the future consumers to realize the potential of our land. Our tours have this purpose: to bring the participants to see for themselves the different realities existing in Sicily. The locations we visited are generally truffle from us as follow: Alcamo, on the Nebrodi, to Baulì, geographically very different just to show that in Sicily is possible to develop the production of truffles in any area, always analyzing the advance ground. Our tours are structured to be able to show participants the world of truffles as a whole. On arrival, in the morning we make an excursion in the truffle, excursion where participants are accompanied by our experts who have the task of explaining the features of the truffle and make the collection with our dogs. After exiting the woods, you have the opportunity to taste the truffles for lunch and in the afternoon to attend a conference where our speakers explained the truffle, how to make a truffle, the truffle market and research with truffle dogs . in our opinion the best way to approach this world or deepen chatting with our experts and checking for yourself.


Feudo Baulì

Feudo Baulì in the countryside of Palazzolo Acreide in the Syracuse area. Beautiful farm alongside a forest of 50 hectares of land planted with truffle where you can collect during the winter Tuber Brumale v. Moscatum and in the summer months the Tuber aestivum. Esursione made the June 9, 2013 with more than 100 participants, great success and great tasting thanks to the cooks of the structure.


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