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1. I want to use the online payment method!

a) are in possession of a PayPal account, payments on Truffle Siciliano safe?
Of course, for each type of credit card (please note that cards accepted are Visa, American Express, Mastercard and prepaid cards and all those of the PayPal system) are made of anti-fraud controls. For example, for American Express delivery address must match the address given to American Express at the time the card is issued.
In addition, purchases by credit card are made through a secure server that adopts the system of protection TSL (Transport Layer Security), security protocol and evolved following the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) 128-bit. This protocol prevents the interception, alteration or falsification of information. Truffle Siciliano is not aware, nor retains data of credit cards used by its customers because they are transmitted directly to the servers of PayPal.


b) I do not have a PayPal account and I want to carry out an online payment card, is it possible?
Sure! You will use our Virtual POS PalPal. In this regard, simply select PayPal as a payment method and wait for the page to load encrypted and protected by Paypal. Remember that you do not need to have a PayPal account or make a recording. Now just fill in the required fields and enter your card number (credit card / debit card / master card / other card), the card expires and the security number (a 3-digit code shown behind paper). See graphic below guide.

Numero della carta di 16 cifre / Data di scadenza / Codice di Sicurezza

Payment via PayPal is completely safe, protected by the best information security measures and completely confidential between server and PayPal buyer. In no event shall the bank support PayPal transmit it to us in any other your personal payment information will remain completely invisible even to our website. This tool also allows you to be fully covered by scams. The choice of this option as a way to immediately start processing step and shipping as you eliminate all the processing time of the payment that is immediately accepted.

Here's what to do (how to):

Istruzioni pagamento senza conto PayPal     Istruzioni pagamento senza conto PayPal

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