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- The Director of the Company: Giuseppa Gisella Asaresi.

The Co-Director and Head of Research: Dr. Joseph C. Zuccalà, not only takes care of all aspects concerning the management and growth of Truffle Siciliano but also to the study of the product in all its phases.
Coadjutor of Events and Exhibitions: together with the Co-Director is the body responsible to the support, management and organization of events of tastings, demonstrations, conferences.
Research and Development: under the direct control of Dott. Zuccalà, a Team is responsible for the study, the formulation, the continuous innovation of farm products. It conducts research on materials, invention of new products and the design and development of new production processes, analysis of new applications and improve existing products.


Professionals seekers of truffles: a qualified staff supported by our dogs (Lagotto Romagnolo), daily seeking the precious fruit of the earth in the woods in Sicily.


Production Department and Quality: after approval of the department "Research and Development", professional staff begin the process of transforming raw materials or semi-finished products, in the finished product.


Sales Management & Marketing: the industry is committed to finding ways to better meet the needs of consumers offering. By the study and the launch of new products, the constant updating of the contents and the image of the existing ones, their positioning, advertising communication, the definition of the optimum prices of sale, sales promotions, formats and packaging, distribution methods.
Purchasing Department: -------------------
Sales Office: ------------------
Office Orders: For any questions regarding the procedure for concluding a purchase (Cart), payment methods accepted and vector national or international (such as courier and delivery times), time management and order delivery.
Department Packaging and delivery orders submitted by customer purchases, the department prepares the hill packaging and delivery to the carrier (the carrier).
Office Customer Service: For any questions or information concerning the interest of a generic object (technical specifications, quality assurance), request a quote, request a product catalog, problems such as delay or packet loss, other. You can also contact Customer Service to open a complaint and then request a Return and Refund.


Technical Office:
Web Developer, Designer, Architect Engineer: have an essential role within the company as forward-looking and Web Marketing. They make sure that our e-commerce is increasingly efficient, intuitive and safe. A work of synergy deputy to design an integrated network, system and application. They also control the optimization of network for Internet and defines the security systems and optimizing the database. It also coordinates the activities of Network and System Engineering. A specialist graphic is responsible for all visual aspects of the site that closely with the Webmaster, processes the pages, logos and buttons on the screen intended to animate the website.
Web Engineer: actively promotes systematic approaches. It focuses on the methodologies, techniques and tools that are the basis of applications and programming that support if you need to design the department Web Developer, and Architect Disigner.
Operator Audio / Video: The leading company in the field of quality truffles, organizes tasting events and conferences so the operator Audio / Video is charged with analyzing the idea, the script to screen the different hypotheses of realization. Do inspections on the location and get the permits, official authorization for the publications. He realizes the pre-editing, soundtrack, titles and subtitles. Once the work is going to be mounted on a variety of media channels and publications online.




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