Tartufo Siciliano

Regional Workshop Apromas "Almond of Sicily" 30.06.2015

Video Conference - Apromas together all'Irvo promote the brand "Almond of Sicily" worldwide certifying quality and traceability.

The almond of Sicily, a quality brand to create a stable supply chain and able to promote it worldwide. E 'was a success for both the number of producers from that for the organization
and the exposure of the various <> the value of the almond, the conference held in the conference room of the municipal library "Mons. Cravotta ". A report of the executives 'Apromas (Association of almond producers of Sicily) and of' Irvo (Institute of Wine and Oil). Even the council with the agriculture commissioner, Filippa La Loggia brought greetings from the mayor urging farmers to network. Present the regional president Apromas, Cateno Ferreri and Secretary Calogero Bongiovi with several speakers including the director general of the institution Lucio Monte, executives dell'Irvo, Happy Capraro and Michele Riccobono, then Francesco Guarasci, director of the Regional and Gugliara representative of the organizing committee for the IGP Oil of Sicily. Several government representatives, including the towns of Pietraperzia and San Cono. Both Irvo, agency recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry that the Apromas, thanks to an agreement
Sicilian companies will perform in the traceability of mandorlicola through periodic checks by year of production. "L 'Apromas meets all Sicilian producers - said the regional president, Cateno Ferreri - and brought together under a single brand strengthens the product also in economic terms as our almond is excellence excellence". Even the University of Palermo and Catania have conducted studies aimed at the almond from Sicily. "Through this agreement with Arpomas - he says the general manager dell'Irvo, Lucio Giuseppe Monte - will help to bring the supply chain system mandorlicola in Sicily and from this moment you can revive the Sicilian almond". Present at the president of Pro Loco barrese, Filippo Salvaggio, and Giuseppe Zuccalà, producer of truffles Sicilian who did not hide the desire to promote a product processing with almond truffles to assess their quality and sensory faculties.



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