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Your terms and conditions of use
1. Terms and conditions of use e-commerce:
a) Payment: properties of the shape / s using the formulas "Add to cart" must take place within 2/3 days since you won the item, otherwise the automatic start of the dispute for closing sales. Except as expressly provided automatically in your shipping address, a phone number is required kindly to the courier (you can add it in the notes field, during the purchase process).

b) Refund: check "Right to Return" (valid only for objects that provide the return / refund).

c) The items will be prepared within 2-3 working days after receipt of payment.
- Travel times indicative 3-4 days. The Carrier travels from Mon to Fri (except weekends and holidays).
- Escape package within 2-3 business days after payment is received.
- Shipping charges include packaging costs. The costs of shipment are listed in the "Delivery & Costs" or in summary cart updated in real time based on the total weight ..
- The costs for shipping depend wing by weight.

d) Delays in delivery:
Recall that under the holiday Couriers may suffer slight delays in the delivery of the package.
Any delays are not considered due by Truffle Siciliano, who is no stranger to accidents along the way. Also remember that the obligations Vendor-Buyer ending once delivered the package to the carrier as the carriage is subject pursuant to Article 1510 of the Civil Code, where delivery times are indicative only and will not constitute in any circumstances cause for recourse against the seller and the goods travel at the risk of the Purchaser, even where the price of the same is meant by prepaid transportation.

e) Cancellation of order:
Truffle Siciliano reserves the right to cancel the order by the customer: in this case, the sums paid for purchasing or rental will be returned in the same form of payment made by the customer. Could be the grounds for unavailability of the product, technical mistakes, errors in price calculated or exposed, unavailability of stock, undeliverable, incomplete order, lack of contact with the customer or other unforeseeable causes will be communicated forthwith to the customer.

f) Note of stock:
In the event of boarding deposit pack "due account" such as failure to address found by the courier or other reasons, the customer will be charged € 10.33 + VAT. Unfortunately this measure is necessary because it is imposed on us from the freight company. During check-in payment or later with an email, a phone number is required, so that the driver can contact you and avoid delays and / or losses. So when the pack due to external events in War Museum or address unknown recipient or the customer is not available and the package you return in the company, the customer will be refunded deducting the shipping of "gone" + "return" + 10 % of expenses management practice. In sum will be deducted from the total "buy it now" 10% of these: Euro (7.00 + 10.33) + VAT. A refund made will open a dispute to close the transaction. In the event that the amount paid does not cover the cost of returning the customer will have the Company any charges.
g) Virtual Products:
The portal also allows the purchase of virtual goods or paid or free. All virtual products are immediately issued with receiving a document to your email address or can be downloaded from the private area of the site. The virtual products provide no courier or shipping - it is selected by default carrier
c / o Truffle Siciliano (Withdrawal in stock or Purchase Product Virtual) -.
The virtual goods are exempt from compensation / waiver of purchase / guarantees.
h) Physical Products "Auction":
The portal also allows the purchase of physical products (New, Refurbished / Reconditioned or Used).
All physical products will be made within a reasonable time (2-3 working days) of receipt of payment.
The physical products sold in category "Auctions" or sales "provide for the delivery by courier or postal Tried (GLS, BRT, SDA, TNT) at the sole discretion of the Company.
The products can be physical objects new, refurbished or used.
It will release the code-tracking to track the shipment of the package.
The physical products of the "Auctions" do not provide neither invoicing nor guarantees of any malfunctions or failures nor return nor refund.
By purchasing these items we accept the terms contained herein, without any recourse ENTITY or its administrators. As well as the rules mentioned in the "Legal Notes".
Finally products sold following the guidelines of the market of new and used, with the difference of being a virtual stall.

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