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Truffle Sicilian. Unbelievable but true!

When we are talking about the territory and its products you stop to what is best known, in what is considered "typical". In fact, there are many products that, today, are not considered typical but that are part of the territory. The truffle is a shining example.

The "I" is the Sicilian territory and, perhaps, it will seem strange that you talk about truffles in Sicily. It is believed, in fact, that the truffles are located only in Piedmont and Umbria (to name the most famous), but you know that there are in Sicily? I have recently discovered.

M'immaginare not fully dressed, equipped and dogs vanghetto or hoe. Rather than go in search of truffles, we say that they have come from me: D During a meeting of Tabare, in fact, I got to know the company "Truffle Sicilian Zuccalà". Obviously, after the disclosure, could not miss the tasting.


Tartufo siciliano Zuccalà 6



The origin of the truffle is very old, even if they have news from the first century AD, when it was believed that it originated from lightning of Jupiter. In Sicily, however, it seems that it is already known since 1874, discovered by Joseph teaches in a jar of the botanical garden of Palermo, and sued in Gattopardo (timbale and truffles), then, as one course.


In practice, the truffles can grow wherever there are conditions that permit forest. Italy, on the other hand, is one of the world's largest producers and exporters of truffles. Today, however, there are only 11 labels that market them, in the face of growing demand. In Sicily, the Sicilian Zuccalà Truffle is the only company that sells truffle products and derivatives. It follows that there is a big business opportunity linked to truffles, not only in Sicily.


Sure, their growth depends on seasonal factors as well as environmental, but the magnitude of these variables can be somewhat mitigated through the cultivation of truffles or truffle. We must create an environment suitable for intensive production and, therefore, "we need to choose a ground limestone and poor in humus, choose a variety of truffles and truffle planting trees and shrubs (oak, hazel, willow, holm oak). The seedlings, of course, must be previously micorizzate or roots already in symbiosis with fungal hyphae chosen "(Wikipedia).


After all this information and technical knowledge, however, we must "touch". So, let's move to the tasting: D At the sight and smell, the "fruit" of the truffle Truffle Sicilian Zuccalà appears to have, compared to a grown spontaneously, a more regular form and a perfume rounder and less gas. Their products derived, also contain, compared to other commercially, a quantity of truffle that varies from 30% to 95%. All of the product and not true "flavors", which does not mean that other based on bis-metiltiometano.

I tasted the pate and jams made with whitebait, magnatum pico and melanosporum, accompanied by cakes and cheese horse. Their taste a bit 'citrus, a little' of olives and the pleasant sensation gaseous I won, so go back again;)



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