Tartufo Siciliano

Dog (Lagotto Romagnolo)

The truffle hunting with dogs

The search for truffles is a magical moment, alone in the woods hunting for the precious tuber. Among the best truffle hunters include wild boars and pigs but are very difficult to manage. This is why we resort to the dogs, the signposting friends of man. And in fact there is a close link between the collector and his dog, feeling particularly due mainly to the affection and the time spent together. But such dogs are ideal for harvesting truffles ?. There is no precise rule, all dogs are potentially suitable if well trained. The training consists mainly of two parts: obedience training and training in search of truffles. Although once you trained the dog leveraging a primary need that belongs to all living beings that is the food, we prefer to set up the training of our dogs on the game. This creates a challenge gioosa between the master and the dog in time is very reditizzio: sometimes you can be satiated with food, but the dogs, at least our never tire of playing. We have chosen to breed the Lagotto Romagnoli for several reasons: inanza all for their extraordinary sense of smell, which is crucial for the truffle hunting, then why Lagotto Romagnoli have lost the instinct to hunt and this is very beneficial because they are not in the woods , distracted from the game and therefore remain focused on the search for truffles. Another characteristic is their sympathy and desire to play, as sometimes exaggerated but very appreciated, at least by us ,. Below you can see a short video of our output in the truffle best way to realize how described.

Our dogs

Luna, Rochi and Billi are some of our truffle dogs, in this video, we can see them at work in their job search, job well done and the result of constant training and many hours spent with them both in the woods and not only . No work tools but formidable companions and inseparable friends, sometimes I wonder if I go into the woods to look for truffles, or to be with them, fine line and then get a rewarding satisfaction.


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