Tartufo Siciliano

The retention of personal data will take place electronically and for the time strictly necessary to fulfill the purposes referred to in paragraph 1, in compliance with your privacy and current regulations.

A) In the case of non-registered / non-active users, we do not know any of your data because the browsing is anonymous, made for anonymous sharing of your cookies that you can remove falsely from the settings of your browser.

B) In case of inactivity of registered users, orders placed by customers and the content generated by the user will be retained for up to 36 months for reasons of security, prevention and moderation of content and / or conduct contrary to the conditions of the service and the rules editorials of Tartufosiciliano in order to ensure a better quality of the same also in collaboration with the Authorities. The period is renewed / extended automatically at each access by the user in order to allow navigation, manage their data / prophylaxis and place orders within the Tartufosiciliano portal.

For purposes of analysis directed to the development and improvement of the service, the personal data of the user may be subject to the same retention period.

For direct marketing and profiling purposes we keep your data for a maximum period equal to that foreseen by the applicable legislation (respectively equal to 24 and 12 months).

C) Invoices, accounting documents and transaction data are stored for 11 years in accordance with the law (including tax obligations) in paper and / or electronic / informatics form.

D) In the case of exercise of the right to be forgotten through the request for express cancellation or cancellation in an autonomous manner through the button made available in your control panel called "Delete my Account" or "Drop my Account" of personal data processed by holder, we remind you that such data will be stored, in a protected form and with limited access, solely for purposes of investigation and prosecution of crimes, for a period not exceeding 12 months from the date of the request and subsequently will be securely deleted or anonymized irreversible manner.

E) Finally, we remind you that for the same purposes, data relating to electronic traffic, excluding the contents of communications, will be kept for a period of no more than 6 years from the date of communication, pursuant to art. 24 of the Law n. 167/2017, which implemented the EU Directive 2017/541 on anti-terrorism.